The international music festival that unveils the "unlimited emotional wonder - Infinity Wonder" - is set to return for its second season at "the city that never sleeps" - Phu Quoc United Center. The 8WONDER WINTER FESTIVAL is about to bring the endless excitement and sublimation with top-level music, eye-catching performances, superb cuisine, colorful carnivals, entertainment and interactive activities, etc. At the same time, 8WONDER will create a "playground" for top-notch international music to intertwine with Vietnamese music, represented by well-known and rising local artists.




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  • 8Wonder ticket is officially distributed on VinWonders.com and app VinWonders.
  • You will get an extra gift code up to 25% off to book hotel room at Vinpearl hotels & resorts in Phu Quoc, Wyndham Grand, Radisson Blu, Wyndham Garden from Dec 14th to Dec 19th and 50% off VinWonders entrance ticket on Dec 16th.
  • Combo 8Wonder ticket + Vinpearl Hotel & Resort
  • Combo 8Wonder ticket + Vinpearl Hotel & Resort + Two-way air tickets
  • Exclusively on Vinpearl.com & app MyVinpearl
  • Extra 5% off for Pearl Club member


  • How to get in and out of the gate?
  • - Ticket holders must go to the Check-in counters to exchange for Wristbands and face enrollments, then move to Entrance Gates.
    - Entrance Gates are divided into lanes depending on the ticket class. Please scan face recognition and wear wristband then use the correct lane to enter the event.
    - To exit the event, please use the "Exit" lane at Entrance Gates. Always wear a Wristband to be able to return to the event.
  • Where can I check in?
  • - From Dec 12th, you can do pre-checkin at 8Wonder counter near Quintessence of Vietnam area at GrandWorld, VinWonders gate and Vinpearl Safari gate
    - You can check in at the Checkin counters at the concert area
    - For customers who purchase combo package with Vinpearl hotel room or VinWonders/ Vinpearl Safari tickets: You can check-in at the hotel reception desk or VinWonders/Vinpearl Safari entrance gates.
    - The check-in process includes 3 steps: scan QR ticket code, enroll face ID and deliver wristband showing standing/sitting area.
    - After checking in, you can go straight to the entrance gate. Please note that at the entrance gate, facial recognition will be scanned and wristbands will be checked before entering the event area
  • I am playing in VinWonders on December 15th, 16th 2023, can I buy tickets to the event?
  • You can check directly at the 8Wonder counters located at the VinWonders gate and Quintessence of Vietnam area for more information about tickets; or visit website VinWonders.com to check ticket availability.
  • I already have tickets to the Event, and want to buy more tickets to VinWonders, what should I do?
  • You can buy tickets to play in VinWonders Phu Quoc/ Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc by the following ways:
    - Option 1: buy via VinWonders.com or Mobile App VinWonders
    - Option 2: buy directly at Ticket Counter at VinWonders or Vinpearl Safari
  • What are the payment methods in the event?
  • Customers can pay for foods & drinks during the event in the following ways:
    • Buy food vouchers in advance on website VinWonders.com or app VinWonders. At the event, you show the QR code to the cashier to pay the bill.
    • Payment via QR bank code
    • Payment via Google Pay, Apple Pay
    • Payment in cash
  • Does the event offer a storage service?
  • - A fee-based storage service is available at the Locker room area (VND 50,000/set). Please contact the nearest Event Personnel for instructions.
    - Note: The number of lockers is limited. Do not store money, jewelry and other valuable items.
  • Does the event offer babysitting services?
  • No, please use Kid Club service of Vinpearl Hotels before coming to the Event
  • What should I do when I need medical assistance?
  • When you need medical assistance, please contact the Hotline 0981481924; and notify the nearest Event Personnel or approach the nearest medical station in the area.
  • What should I do in case of another emergency?
  • When you need assistance in other emergency situations, please contact the Hotline Customer service +84 1900 6677 ( ext 3) hoặc hotline An Ninh +8438952638; and notify the nearest Event Personnel or Security.


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  • To ensure the security of the event, the organizer has the right to check all belongings of attendees when going through the security gate
  • The Organizer is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged assets. It is recommended that you do not bring valuables.
  • The organizer is entitled to invite any offenders to go out of the venue and tickets are not refundable.
  • By participating in the event, you agree to allow the organizer to use your images for video and audio recording.
  • The Organizer reserves the right to make the final decision in all cases


  • Attendees must be 10 years of age or older and must be accompanied by an adult if under the age of 14 (one adult with one child).
    Notice: for any children under 1.35m, it is required to present proof of age enough to participate in the event
  • Pregnant women and people with health problems are advised to consider when participating in this event.
    In case you still want to participate, you need to notify the Organizer and sign a commitment letter about your decision.


  • The concert ticket is an electronic ticket in a QR code, only valid for once. The attendees maintains their own QR code. The organizer is not responsible if the audience reveals/lost QR Code information.
    The Organizer refuses to handle the case of more than 1 person checking-in with the same ticket code. According to regulations, the Organizer will allow the first person to check-in with the same ticket code to attend the event.
    Attendees bring the QR code to the check-in counter to exchange for a wristband & enroll face ID to enter the event area.
  • Customers can check-in at the ticket control gates at the concert area or at Vinpearl hotels, VinWonders/Vinpearl Safari entrance gates if customers buy tickets packed with hotel room and VinWonders ticket.
    The face ID will be enrolled only once at one of the above check-in gates to use all services purchased with the ticket. The Organizer commits to only using customer face ID for this sole purpose.
  • Customers can freely enter and exit the concert and will be scanned with facial recognition and wristband every time you re-enter the event area.
  • Wristband shows standing/sitting position information in venue. Please enter the correct location specified on the ticket;
  • Wristbands will only be given once when customers check in and do the facial recognition step. The organizer is not responsible for loss of wristbands or entrance cards and have the right to refuse to let the attendees get into the concert. When moving in the venue, attendees are required to wear wristbands at all times.
  • The purchase of tickets represents that the buyer has agreed to all terms and conditions of the Organizer.


  • No outside food, beverage and all kinds of seat allowed
  • No weapons, explosives, sharp objects, laser/flashlight, umbrella, pen, selfie stick, and tripod allowed
  • No illegal substances allowed
  • No opened cigaratte packets, lighters allowed and only one unopened packet allowed per person.
  • No pets allowed
  • No backpacks/handbags with sizes exceeding 26x26 cm
  • No Posters/Cheering boards mentioning political or in appropriate topics
  • No tablet/iPad/GoPro/professional camera/ videography/ audio recording equipments
  • No glass/plastic/metal bottles or objects containing hard plastic, metal flagpoles
  • No fireworks and other explosive items
  • No unlicensed drugs and medicines
  • No pushing, No shoving, No violence before, during
  • No hug the fence and force it, causing all-round influence
  • No film / livestream the performances in any circumstances.The organizer reserves the right to ask offenders to leave the event area and not refund tickets.
  • Do not engage in fights or any conduct that may harm, endanger, threaten or cause discomfort to other attendees.