8WONDER - the world-class music festival creates the “unlimited emotional wonder - Infinity Wonder” for the first time in Vietnam, bringing endless excitement and sublimation with top-level music, eye-catching performances, superb cuisine, colorful carnivals, entertainment and interactive activities, etc. At the same time, creating a playground for top-notch international music to intertwine with Vietnamese music, represented by well-known and rising local artists.










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  • How do I move to the event?
  • - If you are not staying on Hon Tre Island: please check-in at Vinpearl Speedboat Pier (Vinh Nguyen Ward, Nha Trang City) and move by speedboat (free of charge) to Hon Tre Island to participate in the event.
    - If you are staying at Vinpearl hotels on Hon Tre Island: please use the hotel's electric shuttle service (free of charge) to move to VinWonders Nha Trang and enter the event area.
  • How to get in and out of the gate?
  • - Ticket holders must go to the Check-in counters to exchange QR codes for wristbands or entrance cards, then move to Entrance Gates.
    - Guests present their wristbands or entrance cards at Entrance Gates to get into the event. Entrance Gates are divided into lanes depending on the ticket class. Please use the correct lane to enter the event.
    - To exit the Venue, please use the “Exit” lane at Entrance Gates. Always wear the wristband or bring the entrance card to be able to return to the event.
  • I am playing in VinWonders on July 22nd 2023, can I buy 8Wonder tickets?
  • No, tickets were sold out before the Date of Event.
  • I have already had 8Wonder tickets, and want to buy tickets to VinWonders, what should I do?
  • 8Wonder ticket holders receive a 30% discount on VinWonders tickets on July 22 when presenting 8Wonder tickets and buying VinWonders tickets at the following locations:
    - VinWonders ticket office at the Speed Boat Pier on the mainland before moving to Hon Tre island.
    - VinWonders ticket office at VAP1 Gate in the Event area

    In addition, guests can still buy VinWonders tickets in advance on the website vinwonders.com and mobile app VinWonders (full price applied).

    Notice: to move out of the Event area and get into VinWonders Nha Trang, you are required to wear a VinWonders wristband. The wristband will be issued only once at the check-in counter on the mainland or at the VinWonders ticket office. Please notify Event Personnel and present your VinWonders ticket to receive this wristband.
  • Does the event offer a storage service?
  • - A fee-based storage service is available at the Locker room area (VND 50,000/set). Please contact the Event Personnel for instructions.
    - Notice: The number of lockers is limited. Do not store money, jewelry and other valuable items.
  • Does the event offer babysitting services?
  • No, please use the Kids' Club service of Vinpearl Hotels before coming to the Event.
  • What should I do when I need medical assistance?
  • When you need medical assistance, please contact the Hotline 0911803334; and notify the nearest Event Personnel or approach the nearest medical station in the area.
  • What should I do in case of another emergency?
  • When you need assistance in other emergency situations, please contact the Hotline 0917292324; and notify the nearest Event Personnel or Security.
  • How do I pay for on-site services at 8Wonder?
    • Pre-paid vouchers are the ONLY valid payment method for food/beverages services & merchandise at 8Wonder.
    • Purchase vouchers on the VinWonders Website /Mobile App to pay for products and services at the music festival. You can click HERE: https://cloud.news.vinpearl.com/8W_voucher or scan the QR code below:
    • Applicable payment methods when purchasing vouchers: Bank card (ATM, visa/master), QR code or Momo e-wallet.
    • There are 06 different voucher values (50k, 100k, 200k, 500k, 1000k, 2000k) to suit your needs.
  • After payment, how do I view and redeem vouchers for F&B services and merchandise?
  • For each voucher purchased, you will receive a QR code via (1) SMS, (2) Email or in (3) My Orders (if you were signed in when making the purchase).
    Please present the QR codes at the cashier when paying for food/beverages services and merchandise at 8Wonder stalls.
  • I have purchased a voucher but have not received the QR code?
  • TIn case you have checked but not find the QR code in your (1) SMS, (2) Email or (3) VinWonders Web/App - My Orders (for users who were signed in while making the purchase), please contact Customer Service for support: Please take a screenshot of the successful payment screen with your booking code VPT-xxxxxxx0723 for assistance in case of errors.
  • Can I get a refund for my unused vouchers at 8WONDER?
  • The remaining voucher value will be converted into Pearl Club membership points. You can use these points for online purchases of Vinpearl & VinWonders products
    Tip: Before purchasing vouchers, sign up to become a Pearl Club member on the VinWonders Website/App to redeem your membership points. In addition, receive a 5% discount when purchasing vouchers before 00:00 on July 22, 2023. Purchase vouchers HERE: https://cloud.news.vinpearl.com/8W_voucher
  • Can I use multiple vouchers for one transaction?
    • Yes. You can use multiple vouchers of different values in the same transaction
    • For example: Customers paying for a 250.000VND order can present the QR codes of the 50.000VND & 200.000VND vouchers at the cashier.
  • Can I apply any promo codes when purchasing these vouchers?
    • For registered members: Please log in to your Pearl Club account when buying vouchers to get up to 5% off. Enter code PEARLVW2 | AMBPEARL3 | VIPPEARL5 (depending on your membership).
    • For first-time users: Register for a Pearl Club account, confirm your account & log in to receive a voucher worth 50.000VND (applicable for orders with a minimum value of 500.000VND).


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  • To ensure the security of the event, 8Wonder will conduct security checks at all entrances.
  • 8Wonder is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged assets. It is recommended that guests do not bring valuable items.
  • 8Wonder reserves the right to refuse or eject any guest from the venue without refund.
  • By participating in the event, guests agree to allow 8Wonder to use your images for video and audio recordings.
  • 8Wonder reserves the right to make the final decision in all cases.


  • Guests must be aged 10 and up and accompanied by an adult if under the age of 14 (one adult per one child).
    Notice: for any children below the height of 1.35m, it is required to present any valid age proof document to participate in the event.
  • Pregnant women and people with health problems are advised to consider participating in this event.
    In case guests still want to participate, they need to notify 8Wonderand sign a commitment letter about their decision.


  • The ticket is an electronic QR code only valid for once. Guests are responsible for maintaining their own QR codes. 8Wonder is not responsible if guests leak/lose QR Code information.
    8Wonder refuses to handle the case of more than 1 person checking-in with the same ticket code. 8Wonder would allow the first person to check-in with the same ticket code to attend the event.
    Guests bring the QR code to the check-in counter for a wristband or entrance card to gain access to the Venue.
  • Wristband and entrance card shows standing/sitting block information. Please approach the block indicated on the ticket.
  • 8Wonder is not responsible for loss of wristbands or entrance cards and has the right to refuse or eject any guest losing his or her wristband/entrance card. When moving around the Venue, guests are required to wear wristbands or bring entrance cards at all times.
  • The purchase of tickets represents that the purchaser has agreed to all terms and conditions of 8Wonder.


  • No outside food, beverage and kind of seat allowed.
  • No weapon, explosive, sharp object, laser/flashlight, umbrella, pen, selfie stick, and tripod allowed.
  • No illegal substance allowed.
  • No opened cigarette packet allowed and only one unopened cigarette packet allowed per person.
  • No pet allowed.
  • No backpack/handbag exceeding the size of 21x21x15cm allowed.
  • No Poster/Cheering board mentioning political or/and inappropriate topics or/and words allowed.
  • No GoPro/professional camera/ videography/ audio recording equipment.
  • No glass/plastic/metal bottles or objects containing hard plastic, metal flagpoles allowed.
  • No firework and other explosive material allowed.
  • No drugs and medicines allowed under any circumstances.
  • Do not push and/or shove others during the event.
  • Do not shake fences, which affects the safety.
  • Do not film / livestream the performances under any circumstances. 8Wonder reserves the right to eject offenders from the Venue without refund.
  • Do not engage in any fight or conduct that may harm, endanger, threaten or cause discomfort to others.